Sound file calendar

Sound file calendar

Binaural recordings

Listen to these recordings using headphones. They were recorded in a way that preserves 3D directionality of sound, also known as "binaural" stereo.

Recorded using a Soundman OKM II microphone with a Tascam DR-05 PCM recorder.

20160220-harekrishna-48k.mp3 (02:28, 4.6 MB)
A Hare Krishna group chanting in Asematunneli.
20160221-metrossa.mp3 (08:02, 15 MB)
Traveling on Helsinki Metro, from Hakaniemi to Ruoholahti, the then terminal station. Sounds of pneumatic brakes, VFD motors, ticket inspectors.
2016-02-fonisti.mp3 (01:25, 2.3 MB)
A street musician playing his saxophone in front of Helsinki central railway station.
20160708-hornet.mp3 (01:30, 2.8 MB)
Fighter jet flyover in Helsinki. (Warning: Very loud vs. very quiet)


Sometimes I write electronic music, as Tyna Wind. I'm especially fond of dreamy ambient soundscapes and mystical melodies. Follow me on bandcamp for more.