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This is my personal web page. In the past, people used to have web pages.

You may be looking for my blog about signals. In that case, follow the link.

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Have some software. It was generally written with *nix operating systems in mind.

Redsea is an RDS decoder for use with RTL-SDR tools. It can even decode RDS-TMC. Written in C++14, using the liquid-dsp library.
deinvert decodes the voice inversion scrambling used as a sort of privacy filter in some radios. Written in C++11.
Measure beats per minute just by hitting enter in the terminal. Written in Perl 5.
Match all input text lines conforming to the Kalevala trochaic tetrameter. Written in Perl 5.
Generates random chains (lines of text) based on sample text data given as input. Written in Perl 5.

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Tyna Wind is an electronic music project centered around dreamy, relaxing ambient soundscapes and wistful melodies. My first EP, Stay Afloat, can be listened to on Spotify. Tyna Wind is also on Bandcamp and Instagram.

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Random text

Face blindness
I'm not very good at recognizing people by their faces. En yleensä tunnista ihmisiä kasvoista. en, fi
Oona's puzzle corner
Take a moment for yourself to relax with these mind-bogglers! en
Uuden maailman apinoita
Esittelyssä joitakin eteläamerikkalaisia apinoita ja tietoa niiden suojelutilanteesta. fi
Monet tutut kasvikset sisältävät runsaasti E-koodeja. Tämä on huumoria. fi
M/S Estonia emergency traffic
Transcript of VHF channel 16 on the night of the M/S Estonia disaster. en
SP-5500: Minor quirks
The SP-5500 is a great instrument but it comes with a few little quirks. en