Suomen radioamatööriliitto ry
NameOona Räisänen
QTHFinland KP20KF
emailoh2eiq at sral.fi
QSLvia buro

Mostly interested in digital modes and utility rx. For SSTV I use slowrx, a rx-only Linux program that I wrote. I also log FM-RDS for which I've written a decoder called redsea.


My bigger radio is a Sangean ATS 909 receiver. Modifications applied:

My other receivers are RTL-SDRs, one of them in a tin enclosure.


My HF antenna is a home-made single-turn magnetic loop (designed by KR1ST).

For VHF, I use a collinear coax antenna inside a ski pole.

My FM-RDS log

Decoded using redsea.

2012-11-01KP20LE 87.90YLE YKSI0x6201 14 Faunin iltapäivä.
2012-11-01KP20LE 88.60RadioHEL0x6092 00 (whitespace)
2012-11-01KP20LE 89.00RADIODEI0x6266 00 Ui pintaa syvemmalle!
2012-11-12KP20LE 90.00 AALTO 0x6367 09 Varikasta kuultavaa
2012-11-01KP20LE 91.10GROOVE 0x6459 00 RADIO GROOVE
2013-12-28JO43XN 91.709 1 7xfm0x1055 11 Hamburgs Musiksender auf FM 91,7**
2012-11-01KP20LE 91.90 YLEX 0x6202 10 YleX Iltapäivä - Ain
2012-11-12KP20LE 92.50 AALTO 0x6367 09 Varikasta kuultavaa
2012-11-01KP20LE 92.90 Classic0x62A1 13 (whitespace)
2012-11-12KP20LE 93.60KIEKKO 0x64BF 10
2013-08-04KP20LE 93.60 GOLDEN 0x64BF 10
2012-11-01KP20LE 94.00YLENAIKA0x6403 02TMCYlen aikaisen iltapä
2012-11-09KP20LE 94.00YLESUOMI0x6203 09TMCPuhelinlangat laulaa
2012-11-01KP20LE 94.90 ROCK 0x6288 11 Asenne on Rock
2012-11-01KP20LE 95.20METRO FM0x6363 10 (EOF)
2012-11-04KP20LE 96.20ISKELMA 0x62AD 09
2012-11-01KP20LE 96.80 NRJ 0x6340 10 HIT MUSIC ONLY
2012-11-12KP20LE 97.50YLEMondo0x600A 00 YLE Mondo 97.5 MHz
2012-11-01KP20LE 98.10SUOMIPOP0x6460 10 (EOF)
2012-11-01KP20LE 98.50JARVIRAD0x6255 09 (whitespace)
2012-11-01KP20LE 98.90YLE X3M 0x6204 09 Stiftelsen
2012-11-01KP20LE 99.40 CITY 0x60AC 00 (EOF)
2012-11-01KP20LE100.30LAHIRADI0x6499 05
2012-11-01KP20LE101.10YLE VEGA0x6205 01 Aktuellt 17 med dage
2012-11-01KP20LE101.40KORPI FM0x6290 00 (whitespace)
2012-11-09KP20LE102.00PARTY FM0x62FB 10
2012-11-01KP20LE102.40 BASSO 0x6430 10
2012-11-01KP20LE102.80 SUN 0x6480 15 (whitespace)
2012-11-01KP20LE103.70YLE PUHE0x6207 09 Tästä elämästä
2012-11-01KP20LE104.60 VOICE 0x62AB 10
2012-11-01KP20LE105.50NOSTALGI0x6411 10
2012-11-01KP20LE105.80SPIN FM 0x602A 00
2012-11-01KP20LE106.20 NOVA 0x6209 10 TEEMME PAIVASTASI PAREMMAN
2012-11-01KP20LE106.90 Sputnik0x63A7 10